117: Rikara's Ride
  • Rikara and her little friend.

Well, it's about time this got updated. So here's the state of things right now: unfortunately, it looks like almost nothing has changed. Artis's hands are still in no shape to do any drawing, despite the efforts of several specialists and physical therapists. As you can imagine, this is No Good At All. We had planned to do some toned-down, basic strips to finish out the story, and I'd still like to do so, but at the moment I don't know when that will possibly happen.

As for Metrophix, I'd still like to finish it up and put it out for people to use. I've heard stories of problems with the automatic install, but I've seen no actual error reports ("It isn't working" doesn't help me at all, people). So if you're trying it and you encounter an error, please let me know! Hopefully it can get started up again and put into a more useful form for the world at large.

As for ComicsML, I'd also like to see that advance. However, without Metrophix and a comic to use as a testbed, I don't see that really happening very well. Again, I feel like that's pretty unfortunate--mostly because I'd hate to see that work gone to waste, but also because I really think it can be a beneficial thing to the webcomics community. Input is nice, though! If you have something to say about ComicsML, please do let me know. I still check the forums from time to time (even if nothing's been posted there for a while), and I'd love to see some of this start back up again.

And as soon as I can get a wrap-up to the story written (hasty though it will seem) and Artis's hands heal up sufficiently, hopefully we can draw some closure into this. I hate leaving things unfinished, and right now there's far too much of that around here.

A is for apple

B is for ball

H is for hiatus.

Sad, but true. the doctor says I have tendinitis in my wrist, and although I've had a cortisone shot it will take a lot of time to heal during which I really shouldn't do anything to aggravate it and hinder the process. Unfortunately, it means not doing this comic for a while. Computer art, in particular, is quite hard on it. I'm afraid I don't really have a time frame for you..it might be a few weeks or a few months. So, many apologies, but it's for the best for now.

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