What is it?

Metrophix is an open-source PHP system for managing webcomic sites which is released under the GPL (version 2).

What does it do?

What do I need?

Metrophix requires an implementation of PHP (at least 5.0) with the GD library installed (for image manipulation) and access to a MySQL server (also at least version 5.0). Eventually it will just require PHP (and optionally use a flat-file structure if it needs to), but that's a plugin delayed until a future date. Keep an eye out here for it to appear.

Metrophix has been tested under Apache 1.3, PHP 5.0, and MySQL 5.0.

When can it be shown?

When it's done. It's currently working in a minimal fashion (well enough to run Metrophor's site, at least), and it has recently been released as a beta version for the public to take a look at before its fully official release. Once the bugfixes are made from the wider beta test, a demo site will be put up for all to experiment with.


Status: 0.951-Beta (2007-10-24)

The newest beta version has been releaseed! The old beta (0.9b) has been significantly refactored after many serious flaws were discovered in the code; this beta version addresses those flaws, although it will probably introduce some others. As always, beta software should be considered a work in progress.

A second beta version was released on 2007-10-24, updating two bugs in stored cookie authentication and header/footer display.

The software can be downloaded from the SourceForge repository.

Up-to-date status can be seen in the forums.


FAQs can be found at the Metrophix FAQ page.